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On Exhibit Now

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Plein Air Extraordinaire
June 6  –  July 30, 2014

Opening Reception with the Artists
Friday, June 6, 5 pm

Joseph Fletcher

Portraying the simple aspects of the world in which we live, Fletcher’s artwork honors the moment and dedicates the craft to recording the living history of Maui in a strong and vibrant manner. His assured strokes and textured approach brings life and energy to the paintings he creates.

Clouds over the Valley Isle by Joseph Fletcher
oil on panel, 12 x 36

Michael Clements

"Being an artist to me means learning how to see light and color in its constantly changing states.

It is high drama that gets my heart pounding from the thought that I just might be able to "catch" it.

I am honoring the tradition of painting from life outdoors; recording a fleeting moment in time, as many of the world's artists have done before my time. I am part of a long line of artists that have become smitten with the beauty of life around us and the incredible light and color of our world. While painting from life is a joyful yet humbling experience, I feel honored to be able to pursue my passion in this age old manner.

Holopuni Road Farm by Michael Clements
pastel, 18 x 24

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