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Wednesday, March 7, 10 am - 12 pm
Demonstration by Pohaku Kaho'ohanohano

Friday, March 9, 11 am - 1 pm
Painting demonstration by Betty Hay Freeland

Saturday, March 10, 11 am
(at Casanova's Restaurant)

Talk story with Hokulani Holt Padilla and friends on theme
"The Environmental Manifestations of Hawaiian Culture"
followed by a luncheon at Casanova's Restaurant in Makawao

Please call Viewpoints Gallery at 572-5979
for reservation ($20 per person for lunch)

Under the umbrella of Viewpoints Gallery's special show "A Celebration of Hawai'i," we would like to invite you and your friends to join us for a luncheon at Casanova Restaurant in Makawao including a talk-story session with Hokulani Holt Padilla and her 2 guests, U'ilani Naho'olewa and Moana Kaho'ohanohano.

They will not only cover the subject of "The Environmental Manifestations of the Hawaiian Culture" (and how the cultural environment affects artists in Hawai'i and their art), but we will also have a chance to hear first hand about the challenges of two young Hawaiian artists living on Maui. The luncheon will have an "all inclusive" menu with a choice of meat, fish or vegetarian, deliciously prepared by Casanova Restaurant for $20, including gratuity. Space is limited, so please reserve your place right away by calling Viewpoints Gallery at 572-5979.

We look forward to "talking-story" with you and enjoying a delicious luncheon!

Monday, March 12, 10 am - 1 pm
Painting demonstration by George Allan

Thursday, March 15, 10 am - 1 pm
Painting demonstration on wood by Joëlle C.

Sunday, March 18, 1 pm - 3 pm
Quilt making demonstration by Dianna Grundhauser

A red dot is used to indicate a piece has been sold.

Two Shave Ice Girls
by Suzy Papanikolas

acrylic on canvas
20" x 24"   $2,000

Hula Sisters
by Dewitt Jones

16" x 24"  $600
22" x 30"  $960 framed


Flowers for Ku'u Ipo
by Al "Alapaki" Rabold

34" x 19" x 18" $3,200

It includes an array of three Bird of Paradise leaves made of lemon eucalyptus; two red gingers made of saligna eucalyptus and mango; three Bird of Paradise in koa, mango, hau, tamarind and an unknown wood and a sprig of orchids of tamarind and painted brass

by Dennis Williams

koa wood  $4,800


Ka 'Omole Ula" (The Red Jug)
by Al "Alapaki" Rabold
koa and banyan tree root
12" x 9"    $2,850

Duke's Shirt
by Ronaldo Macedo

oil on canvas
29.5"x 23.5"
37" x 30.5"   $2,900 framed


The Bait
by Joyce Clark

oil on canvas
10" x 8"
15" x 13"   $850 framed

The Catch
by Joyce Clark

oil on canvas
10" x 8"
15" x 13"   $850 framed


by Kirk Kurokawa

oil on board
11" x 14"   $2,000  

by Kirk Kurokawa

oil on board
11" x 14"   $2,000


Waimea, Kauai
by Pam Peterson   

fiber/mixed media
10" x 16"  
15.5" X 22"   $995 framed

Heritage Unfolding   
by Pam Peterson

fiber / mixed media
14" x 16"
21" x 24"  $995 framed


by Robena

endangered species- native Hawaiian
acrylic on canvas
74" x 44"   $6,800
ship for $600

Pueo Country
by Robert Wagstaff

endemic owl  
15.5" x 10.5"
27.5" x 22.5"   $4,800 framed


"Aia ka Ola i ka Wai" (Where There is Water There is Life)   
by Beth Marcil

oil on linen
18" x 24"  $3,800  

by Kathleen Kastles

mixed media fibers
24 5/8" x 21"  $2,500


Royal Ti
by Joëlle C.

acrylic and oil on carved wood
30" x 18 "
45" x 32"   $4,800 framed

Paradise, Hidden and Revealed
by Joëlle C.

acrylic and oil on carved wood
30" x 18 "
45" x 32"   $4,800 framed


Koa Paddle by Bob Getzen
"Pe'a" Taka Marble by Tim Garcia
Norfolk Pine bowls by Jim Meekhof and Michael P. Smith
Carved Gourds by Kina Kam

Ka'anapali Sailing Canoe
by George Allan

oil on linen
22" x 28"
33.5" x 39.5"   $6,500 framed


The Fifth Wave
by Diana Dorenzo

oil, oilbar & pearl essence on  
primed paper
26" x 28"
35" x 37"  $3,500 framed

No Ke Ano AhiAhi, at Evening Time
by Debbie Brown

14" x 10"   $480


by Janet Davis

mixed media  
24" x 24"  $2,400

Sexy Pink
by Janet Davis

mixed media  
24" x 24"  $2,400


Hula Epitage, Study #3
by Ken Kennell

oil on masonite
18" x 24"
21" x 27"  $12,000 framed

Mau Ola, Continuing Life
by Betty Hay Freeland

oil on linen
30" x 18"
39" x 27"  $3,850 framed


E Ho'ohanohano i Ka 'aina
by Joseph Fletcher

oil on canvas
24" x 36"
31" x 43"   $3,400 framed

by Dianna Grundhauser
45” x 45”  $6,300  


by Pam Barton

bark cloth, kapa-paper mulberry, wild fig   $800

Kihei Kamalena
by Moana K. M. Eisele
Hawaiian Kapa
98" long X 20" wide  $3,600


In Another World
by Amanda Opsahl McConnell

oil on canvas
36" x 24"    $3,600 framed  

by Margaret Bedell

20" x 24"
26" x 30"   $2,000 framed

Hand of the `Aumakua - Honu
by Rona Smith

Applique' Beadwork      $1,750

center of carved shell
beads of faceted green tourmaline, faceted peridot, austrian crystal, mother of pearl, moss agate, green apatite, quartz crystal, seed beads of glass and 24k gold plate and sterling silver

To see or purchase works in this show, please contact Viewpoints Gallery.
For email, phone, or fax, please click here!

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