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Viewpoints Upcoming Show

Show Runs:
October 28 December 7

Opening Reception:
Saturday, October 30, 5 pm

What do well known artists Betty Hay Freeland, Dewitt Jones and Joëlle C. Perz have in common?

They all participated in a digital photography and computer imaging workshop on the island of Molokai, at the Hui Ho'olana, focusing on “Re-Kindling the Creative Spirit". Betty Hay and Joëlle as students, and Dewitt as one of the teachers.

It was there that each one of the artists pledged to take their work to an edge for an exciting show at Viewpoints Gallery.

Betty Hay had fun developing small canvases into more contemporary landscapes, as well as interpreting some of these scenes into her own style of representational painting. Her sensitivity and familiarity with the land are a true invitation to share the world she loves with the viewer. For Dewitt, the revolution in small digital camera has opened up a whole new world of "street" photography. Grabbed moments of real life. Folks caught unaware, just living. Captured on his travels around the world, those images sometime grow from the mundane to the iconic. As far as Joëlle, the world of digital photography has added a new dimension to her artistic voyage. Capturing images that  teased the eye as well as the spirit, transforming them creatively via her computer, combining photography on metal with wood carving, and writing poetry along with them, are a few of the surprises you will enjoy in this show.

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